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English: A cherubic happy Indian child

English: A cherubic happy Indian child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What it is: A birth certificate is a very important document which registers the birth of a child with the local governing bodies/government (Kolkata Municipal Corporation for Kolkata). As per the Law, each birth has to be registered within 21 days. It is a mandatory document requirement to get service in any governmental or non-governmental institutions.

Importance: Birth registration is a key event in a child’s life. This is because it provides legal proof of the identity of the child. Unregistered children find it more difficult to access the rights and privileges to which they are entitled.

  • It is a legal requirement to produce a birth certificate in order to enrol a child in school.
  • It protects the child from illegal employment including involvement in armed conflict and hazardous child labour.
  • Unregistered children do not have access to governmental healthcare services.
  • A birth certificate may provide children under arrest with some protection against prosecution as an adult by providing proof of age.
  • Without a birth certificate, children find it difficult to prove to officials they are eligible for assistance at times of personal and national crisis for food aid and refugee status. Furthermore, children lost or abandoned in such upheavals and who lack papers cannot easily be legally adopted.
  • Registering girls at birth can help to protect them from child marriage.
  • The lack of a legal status and identity means that children may be more prone to being trafficked. The absence of a birth certificate can also hinder repatriation efforts.
  • The lack of a birth certificate may make it difficult in later life to get work, obtain credit and inherit property. They may also be denied welfare support and the right to vote.
  • Birth registration data can play an important role in the planning of a country’s economic and social development.

How to get a Birth Certificate:

For birth occurring in Govt. Hospitals in Kolkata:  If your child was born  in any government hospital falling within the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area, then the birth certificate can be collected from health office of that area (borough) within 1 (one) year of the child’s birth. To get this you need to show the original Discharge Certificate which was given to you by the hospital. (Contact the hospital in case you don’t have a discharge certificate).

For birth occurring in Private Hospitals/Nursing Home in Kolkata: Within 21 days of birth the hospitals/nursing home authority will send the birth report to the concerned borough health office. Contact the concerned borough executive health officer of the area to obtain a copy of the Birth Certificate. The name of the child could be inserted in the certificate at this time.

For  births in residence: If you child is born in a private residence, then the head of the family needs to report the birth to the concerned Ward Health Unit for registration within a month and not later than 1 year. You need to show the medical certificate of birth issued by a Medical Practitioner/Midwife/ Traditional Birth Attendant and get the Birth certificate on the spot from the Ward Health Unit.

Note: Birth certificates for people born in a residence which are not reported within one year can be obtained on delayed registration with the orders/permission of First Class Magistrate of KMC area from the concerned borough Ex. Health Officer [up to 20 years] and KMC Main Office [beyond 20 years].

Delayed Registration of Birth: You must register your childs birth within one year of his/her birth in order to get a birth certificate.  Delayed Birth registration requires permission of Executive / 1st Class Magistrate of the KMC area. Such registration and certificates can be acquired from the concerned Borough Health Office of the corporation by submitting the proof of birth and the order/permission of the magistrate.

If an event of birth is found not registered, a Non-availability certificate can be obtained from KMC Main Office, Health Department at 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata – 700 013 on production of supporting documents like Voter ID card, Educational Record, Ration Card etc.

Cost of Obtaining a Birth Certificate:

For first copy of Birth Certificate within one year from the birth-  Free of Cost

Additional Copies of Birth Certificate – Rs. 100/- for each copy

Non-availability Certificate-  Rs. 500/-

Where to get it:


Birth Registration Centres:

Sl. No.





10, B.T. Road, Cossipore, Kolkata – 700 002



79, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata – 700 006



109, Narkeldanga main Road, Kolkata – 700 014



213/B, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata – 700 006



22, Surya Sen Street, Kolkata – 700 012(a) W-36, WHU-36, 10 Hansi Street, 2nd Floor (b) W-37, WHU-37, 92 Baithak Khana Road, 1st Floor (c) W-40, WHU-40, 22,Surya Sen Street (d) W-41, WHU-41,25,Balmukund Maccar Rd (e) W-42, WHU-42,under the Fly Over on Raja Woodment Street (f)) W-43, WHU-43,128, M.G. Road (g) W-44, WHU-44,1, Nilmadhab Sen Lane (h) W-45, WHU-,under the Fly Over on Raja Woodment Street (i) W-48, WHU-48, Medical College Hospital (j) W-49, WHU-49, 34, Surya Sen Street (k) W-50, WHU-50,27/1 Sashi Bhusan Dey Street



1. NRS Hospital 2. WHU 46+47 – 16, Jadunath Dey Rd 3. WHU 51+52, Raja Subodh Mallick Sq 4. WHU 54+55 & 60 – 3, Girish Bose Road,Kol-14(Taltala      Dispensary)  5. WHU 53+61+62, 21, Hazi Md Moh Sqn (Hazi Disp)



1. WHU-59, P-65, Sundari mohan Ave, Kol 14 2. WHU-63, 9/1, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kol-17 3. WHU-66, 38, Sreedhar Roy Rd 4. WHU-58, 12, Gobindo Ghattick Rd, Kol-46 5. WHU-85, 3A, Dover Terrace, Kol-29 6. WHU-56, 48, Radhanath Chowdhury Rd, Kol 7. WHU-68, 175/2, Rashbehari Ave, Kol-29.



1. 36.Ballygunge Circular Road 2. Tiljala Road 3. Ladian Park, 3, Ramamoy Road 4. 118, Hazra Road 5. 26. Debenda Ghosh Rd, Bhowanipur, Kol-25 6. Vivekananda Park (Br Office Gr. Floor) 7. Southern Avenue 8. 1, Panchanantola Road



1. Belvedere Road, Kolkata – 700 027 2. 59, Dr. Sudhir Bose Road 3. 2, Hide Road 4. 103, Tollygunge Road 5. Bhukailash Roj Bari



217, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700 033



Atabagan Health Centre, Garia, Kolkata – 700 084



47, Garia Main Road, Kolkata – 700 075



2, Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Kolkata -700 008



516, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700 024



E 3, Circular Garden Reach, Kolkata – 700 024 WHU – 135, Shyama Charan Pal, KMC WHU – 134, G.R. Mat Home, B3, P.D. Jaan Lane WHU – 138, Karbala Railline (Battala) (Santoshpur Rly goods office) WHU – 139, Kashyapara WHU – 140, Khaldhari Mullick Para
Chief Mpl. Health Officer’s office The Kolkata Municipal Corporation, 5, S.N. Bannerjee Road, Kolkata – 700 013.(1st floor)


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