Changing Name In Ration Card

Changing your name you ration card can be done by following these procedures:

Steps before the change of name in ration card:

  • Consult your lawyer and prepare an affidavit to change your name.
  • The name will then be published in State Government Gazette.
  • You can also publish the change of name in a newspaper.
  • Once this is done, you will be known by your new name.
  • You must now file a petition to the Munsif/ Civil court of your District/Taluk to access an order that your new name and old name both indicate the same person.

Once these formalities are completed, a person can actually go ahead with the process of changing name in ration card.

Changing Name in Ration Card:

  • You should go your local Public Distribution office.
  • Collect a form for changing name in Ration Card.
  • You should submit the form with affidavit attested by First Class Magistrate and newspaper cutting along with the old ration card.
  • The authority will provide a slip with the date mentioned for handing over the ration card with the new name. Generally it takes about a fortnight to get the work done.





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4 responses to “Changing Name In Ration Card

  1. malay kumar dey

    How I can get new digital ration card.though I have fill up my all documents in my local Mr shop.

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