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Drying cattle dung for household fuel in West Bengal (Photo credit: ILRI)


WHAT IT IS : In the constitution, OBCs are described as “socially and educationally backward classes”. The Central Government of India categorizes some of its citizens into SC/ST/OBC, taking into account their economic and social condition. The government is enjoined to ensure their social and educational development by providing social and economic security and welfare schemes. Under Article 340 of the Indian Constitution, it is obligatory for the government to promote the welfare of the Other Backward Classes (OBC).


The OBC Certificate is a form of Caste Certificate. This Certificate contains the fact that one belong to the OBC i.e. Other Backward Community. This is an important document for the person belonging to the OBC’s.


IMPORTANCEA person belonging to the OBC caste and who has the certificate can avail the reservation facilities provided by the Government of India in schools, colleges and offices which are wholly or partly funded by the government. Peoples with an OBC certificate are entitled to certain reservations regarding the following:


  • reservations in educational institutes
  • reservations in government service
  • reservations in legislatures
  • To obtain relaxation in the upper age limit for certain jobs.




  1. The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  2. He is a permanent resident of West Bengal since 15-03-1993.
  3. He is an ordinary resident at the address currently residing.
  4. He belongs to the said community/ class. (annexe 1: http://www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/htm/obc_list.html)
  5. His identity.
  6. The applicant does not fall under ‘creamy layer’. (Determination of creamy layer is guided by the points laid out in http://www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/htm/reserv-4.html)


Where to applyThe applications will be received in concerned block office, SDO office and office of the District Development Officer (Kolkata) if the applicants (OBC) are from a block municipal area under a subdivision and Kolkata respectively. The District Development officer (Kolkata) may have some arrangements to receive applications through borough offices.


HOW TO GET IT:  (The procedure is similar to that of SC/ST Certificate).


For Kolkata, applications can be submitted to the office of the District Welfare Officer, Kolkata.


The documents that are required to verify the criteria are:


  • Citizenship Certificate.
  • Voter I card of self or parent(s).
  • Authenticated Voter list of self or parent(s).
  • PAN Card of self or parent(s).
  • Birth Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Caste certificate of parent(s).
  • Any Govt. Document proving citizenship.
  • Land deed or land tax receipt.
  • Voter list proving residence since 1993.
  • Birth Certificate proving residence since 1993.
  • Ration Card proving residence since 1993.
  • Caste certificate of parent(s).
  • Any Govt. Document proving permanent residence since 1993.
  • Land deed or land tax receipt of local residence.
  • Voter I card of self or parent(s).
  • Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Rent receipt of local residence.
  • Pass Book of a Nationalised Bank, Gramin Bank, Post Office or Co-operative Bank.
  • BPL Card.
  • Any Govt. Document proving local residence.
  • Caste certificate of any paternal blood relation and proof of such relation.
  • Copy of old land deed (prior to 1950) specifying community name in that document.
  • Any Govt. Document proving class identity.


Class Identity-


  • Caste Certificate of any person of parental lineage and proof of that relation.
  • Copy of old land deed (pre 1950) where class name was mentioned.
  • Any government document in support of class identity.


For identity –


  • Admit Card.
  • Voter I card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Birth Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Identity Card by employer/ educational Institution.
  • Pass Book of Bank Account.
  • Any Govt. Document proving identity.


Creamy Layer- (OBC applicants should not belong to the ‘creamy layer’).


  • Income Certificates of parents from employers (not more than three months old from the date of filing application.
  • Income Tax Return for last three years of parents.
  • If not employed, income certificate from any competent authority (not more than three months old from the date of filing application).
  • Any Govt. Document proving income of parents.


NB: If the annual income of parents of an applicant is less than Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. and their income from other sources in less than Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. then the applicant will not be considered as belonging to ‘creamy layer’ even if the total of such incomes exceeds Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. for the last three years. Incidentally it needs a mention that income from agricultural resources is not considered when such proof of income is applied.


The eligibility of an applicant can be determined on the basis of certificates issued by gram pradhan, municipality chairman, Councillor, MLA or MP together with investigation report and hearing if any one of documents stated above is not available. An application may be submitted without any document. In that case the certificate issued by gram pradhan and the investigation report will be under consideration. Age proof is not necessary for issuing a OBC certificate.


WHEN DO I GET IT: Ordinarily, an application for OBC certificate is to be disposed of within eight weeks from the date of its submission. The applicant has a right to know the status of his application, once filed. Hence, if demanded, status of his application has to be provided to the applicant.





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52 responses to “OBC Certificate

  1. Sk Hasanujjaman

    my application no OBCWB16022013/5736 dt 9/4/13

    • Dear Hasanujjaman,
      Can you please send your contact details at my email id:sabirahamed@gmail.com. I will help to file RTI application to know the status of your application.
      Best Regards
      Sabir Ahamed

      • biswajit das

        my obc application status showing approved and waiting for issues.what is meaning of it.now what i have to do.

  2. sir,
    we are not yet consider as OBC candidate so far.Its really so unfortunate for us.As u well known dt todays competitive world its so tough to get a stable job .we have been processing for this last one year but till now no response at all.so,i humbly requested sir to kinldly follow up for which i would remain remain ever grateful to you.

    thanking you

  3. satarupa das

    My app id- OBCWB11022013/18218 date- 22/12/2013

  4. kibria hossain sk

    I applied obc-A on 19/09/2013, my appication no. is obcwb10042013/4562.
    Sice now I have not any information why my certificate is not generated . though it is submitted with all the documents. Status is showing “under process at s.d.o. level” for few months. I want to know the problem related to this…plz help me as soon as possible, plz.

  5. Dear Mofizur,
    Now, we are providing all information, we will suggest you to file RTI or application under public Service Act to know the status of your application.Best Regards Sabir Ahamed

  6. shabina khatoon

    I haven’t yet got my obc certificate.It’s already over 3 months when will i get it.Please reply

  7. Tauqeer Alam

    Hello, i applied for obc certificate on the date of 23.11.2009..my application number is OBC/m/547/9….i submitted all documents which needed by obc office..in every month, i went 2 obc office 2 know the status of my application..staff of obc office told me to come next month..two years ago, i went to office to know the status,when i asked with staff,he told me your application is lost..so he gave me another form,i submitted again my form along with all documents..after submitting again,i went to office every month to know the status of my application.the staff told same, your application is in process..i get much irritated to hear about it..then from more than 1 year, i leave to go 2 office till date..i dont know about my status of application, whether is it in process or not..so plz help me and contact me on my email tqralam86@gmail.com or my number 9038887052 as soon as possible..thanking you

  8. Suman Pal

    My Application no-OBCWB12032013/98 date-3/1/2013

  9. Supriya Pal

    Sir,i have no ration card but i belong to a potter family and i have other all docomence.so,can i get obc certificate

  10. maidul mollah

    Amr obc app.no holo obcwb16012014/1118 on jan 2014. Ekhono crtifct palam na.kono bondhu jodi ektu hlp kore…

  11. Sajit Mondal

    sir,my obc docoment are reddy for submit but i could not do hearing in our gram panchayet there staff always say in 2 month hearing not could do in this time.so that sir please reply me where I go for hearing and submit the document.

  12. sunny

    Im not christian by birth, I have converted to Christianity for last 5 years. Will I be eligible to become christian.

  13. sunny

    Im not christian by birth, I have converted to Christianity for last 5 years. Will I be eligible to get an OBC Certificate.

  14. Azaharuddin

    I have a obc A certifiae but i want center govt obc .i belong to muslim penchi.can you inform me how i get it?

  15. Azaharuddin

    I have a obc A certifiae but i want center govt obc .i belong to muslim penchi.can you inform me how i get it? So you sent me answer as soon as.

  16. Nuruddin sk

    My name is Nuruddin sk. My application no -OBCWB18012015/

  17. Sk Sharuk Mohammad

    I have no birth certificate can I apply for OBC certificate

  18. Ability Pal

    I have submitted an application for renewal of OBC-B certificate along with my original OBC certificate on 31/12/2014 bearing application number “OBCWB10032014/6058”. When I check status it shows “under process at SDO level” still after 55 days. My query is how long time does it take to get a certificate? Please let me inform about it.

  19. Anil Kohar

    hi my name is Anil kohar…I bilong that OBC~B i apply it September 2014 my application no.OBCWB17012014/8528..
    now i chekh my status that say now more document wanted …so i what to do… u plz help me for what to do…thanks …

  20. Seikh Imamuddin

    i am a resident of west bengal,nobody has OBC certificate in my family but i want to obtain.I dont have any singal document of my father who passed away 25yrs ago but i have all my documents.Dont have any proof that have been living since 1993.How can i proceed and what are the document required?

  21. Joydev pal


  22. Joydev pal

    Objections in my certificate


    My obc certificate application number is OBCWB07032014/10022,application date is 29.12.2014 and submit in office in 21.01.2015.My email id is tousifreza481@gmail.com.Sir,please help me.

  24. Pallab Dutta

    I am 24 Year old & student. Only income source of our family is my father.. I have OBC certificate. Now I need a non creamy layer certificate.. but I’m unable to find the required affidavit format for income statement. I want the exact format of affidavit. and whether it is to be declared by my father or me?
    Thank you..

  25. Srimanta Das

    I have no land deed(pre 1950) .But we are weaver. So,how i got obc certificate . Please help…..

  26. asraful alam

    My application no -obcwb18012014/8996

    Govt. Says 3 months to delivery. How many days are govt.3 months I dont know.

  27. achyut baran debnath

    MY OBC CERTIFICATE APPLICATION NUMBER IS (1)OBCWB11012014/14937,(2)OBCWB11012015/2463 SUBMIT IN OFFICE 25/02/15,MY EMAIL ID IS abdebnath66@gmail.com pls help

  28. Bibek Shaw


  29. Sk Ashraf

    I have fill all information through the official websitea of OBC for OBC-A and printed the hard copy, So I just need to know that what necessary document will need for submitting the form, please help me with all basic info which a need to submit.like documents and where the application will receive in kolkata.
    looking forward ur rply..


    My application no : OBCWB06022014/9747
    Date: 17/09/2014.


    My application no : OBCWB06022014/9747
    Date: 17/09/2014.
    Sice now I have not any information why my certificate is not generated . though it is submitted with all the documents. Status is showing “under process at s.d.o. level” for few months. I want to know the problem related to this…plz help me as soon as possible, plz.

    Mobile no:8906017458
    Email: abdussattarmomin@gmail.com

  32. Sir, my sister application no OBCWB15022015/1231 akhono 5 month holo so, help me please sir I am waiting for your answer.

  33. Anirban Basak

    Sir Ami obc certificate er jonno sob documents joma diachi shirampur H.D.O tae2mash agae,amar obc certificate janar jonno application num type korla lekha aschae hardcopy not recived,er manae Ki?Amar apltn num-OBCWB12042015/684

  34. sushma yadav

    sir how can i apply for obc reply me pls…

  35. Gopi

    I am from west Bengal,Now I am settled in Visakhapatnam, I want cast certificate in Andhra Pradesh plz tell me how

  36. JOY

    sir, what is the procedure for renewal of OBC certificate and how much time
    does it take for renewal. i have my 1 year old OBC certificate and i fall in OBC-B category

  37. Sarabjit singh

    Sir, I am from Sikh (sunar) community,no one have obtained any OBC certificate from West Bengal government, Can I obtained OBC certificate for my son and daughter and How? Both are born in Siliguri, Distt Darjeeling.

  38. sk monjur rahaman

    l wanna get my obc certificate, l belong to obc catagory, my family has been shifted to a new address from my old address, so l have to submit my ducoments prof for my obc certificate, pls tell me which address prof l have to submit? eithor old address ducoments or new address prof ducoments? i m confused between old and new address prof, kindly give me a suitabla soluotion, l m waiting

  39. Ayan Ahmed

    My application is showing status ” under process at s.d.o level”, can u tell me please what is it really mean and what can I do ??

  40. ranjit dalal

    Sir l am a central govt employs and belong obc group.my salary is more than 5 lakh ,now l want to get creamy layer obc certificate for my son who is studying class Vlll.please give me suggestion what he will write in caste column.obc or general.

  41. Bidhan Pal

    my obc certificate issued on 28/07/2010 from SDO office. I want to renew this certificate .then how can I do so in west bengal ?

  42. Sir my obc application no-OBCWB14032015/19616

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