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WHAT IT IS : In the constitution, OBCs are described as “socially and educationally backward classes”. The Central Government of India categorizes some of its citizens into SC/ST/OBC, taking into account their economic and social condition. The government is enjoined to ensure their social and educational development by providing social and economic security and welfare schemes. Under Article 340 of the Indian Constitution, it is obligatory for the government to promote the welfare of the Other Backward Classes (OBC).


The OBC Certificate is a form of Caste Certificate. This Certificate contains the fact that one belong to the OBC i.e. Other Backward Community. This is an important document for the person belonging to the OBC’s.


IMPORTANCEA person belonging to the OBC caste and who has the certificate can avail the reservation facilities provided by the Government of India in schools, colleges and offices which are wholly or partly funded by the government. Peoples with an OBC certificate are entitled to certain reservations regarding the following:


  • reservations in educational institutes
  • reservations in government service
  • reservations in legislatures
  • To obtain relaxation in the upper age limit for certain jobs.




  1. The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  2. He is a permanent resident of West Bengal since 15-03-1993.
  3. He is an ordinary resident at the address currently residing.
  4. He belongs to the said community/ class. (annexe 1: http://www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/htm/obc_list.html)
  5. His identity.
  6. The applicant does not fall under ‘creamy layer’. (Determination of creamy layer is guided by the points laid out in http://www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/htm/reserv-4.html)


Where to applyThe applications will be received in concerned block office, SDO office and office of the District Development Officer (Kolkata) if the applicants (OBC) are from a block municipal area under a subdivision and Kolkata respectively. The District Development officer (Kolkata) may have some arrangements to receive applications through borough offices.


HOW TO GET IT:  (The procedure is similar to that of SC/ST Certificate).


For Kolkata, applications can be submitted to the office of the District Welfare Officer, Kolkata.


The documents that are required to verify the criteria are:


  • Citizenship Certificate.
  • Voter I card of self or parent(s).
  • Authenticated Voter list of self or parent(s).
  • PAN Card of self or parent(s).
  • Birth Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Caste certificate of parent(s).
  • Any Govt. Document proving citizenship.
  • Land deed or land tax receipt.
  • Voter list proving residence since 1993.
  • Birth Certificate proving residence since 1993.
  • Ration Card proving residence since 1993.
  • Caste certificate of parent(s).
  • Any Govt. Document proving permanent residence since 1993.
  • Land deed or land tax receipt of local residence.
  • Voter I card of self or parent(s).
  • Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Rent receipt of local residence.
  • Pass Book of a Nationalised Bank, Gramin Bank, Post Office or Co-operative Bank.
  • BPL Card.
  • Any Govt. Document proving local residence.
  • Caste certificate of any paternal blood relation and proof of such relation.
  • Copy of old land deed (prior to 1950) specifying community name in that document.
  • Any Govt. Document proving class identity.


Class Identity-


  • Caste Certificate of any person of parental lineage and proof of that relation.
  • Copy of old land deed (pre 1950) where class name was mentioned.
  • Any government document in support of class identity.


For identity –


  • Admit Card.
  • Voter I card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Birth Certificate from Competent Authority.
  • Identity Card by employer/ educational Institution.
  • Pass Book of Bank Account.
  • Any Govt. Document proving identity.


Creamy Layer- (OBC applicants should not belong to the ‘creamy layer’).


  • Income Certificates of parents from employers (not more than three months old from the date of filing application.
  • Income Tax Return for last three years of parents.
  • If not employed, income certificate from any competent authority (not more than three months old from the date of filing application).
  • Any Govt. Document proving income of parents.


NB: If the annual income of parents of an applicant is less than Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. and their income from other sources in less than Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. then the applicant will not be considered as belonging to ‘creamy layer’ even if the total of such incomes exceeds Rs. 4.5 lakh p.a. for the last three years. Incidentally it needs a mention that income from agricultural resources is not considered when such proof of income is applied.


The eligibility of an applicant can be determined on the basis of certificates issued by gram pradhan, municipality chairman, Councillor, MLA or MP together with investigation report and hearing if any one of documents stated above is not available. An application may be submitted without any document. In that case the certificate issued by gram pradhan and the investigation report will be under consideration. Age proof is not necessary for issuing a OBC certificate.


WHEN DO I GET IT: Ordinarily, an application for OBC certificate is to be disposed of within eight weeks from the date of its submission. The applicant has a right to know the status of his application, once filed. Hence, if demanded, status of his application has to be provided to the applicant.






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90 responses to “OBC Certificate


    My application No. OBCWB16022015/8507
    D.B -25/07/1998

  2. sujan ghosh

    My application no is obcwb11032016/7842

  3. Taijul

    If a service man want to get obc,parents not serviceman,is it necessary to give income detail of the son..?income of son falls in noncreamy layer range..

  4. Banty Barman

    sir nobody in my family has a certificate of obc. .m the first to try. how will I get. I have heard.. they demand..what to do

  5. jaydev jalui

    Need renewal of caste certificate of OBC in online system,in WB.
    Reply please

  6. saikiran

    my father is office sub ordinate means group IV his income is more than 6lakhs from salary….is im eligable for obc

  7. Rajesh Kumar pal

    I had submitted my OBC application . After one week l see that the application submitted hardcopy not received

    My application no OBCWB06022014/5478
    D.B 19/01/1998

  8. mukid ahmed

    my obc application status showing approved and awaiting issuance.What is the meaning of it. So now what I have to do? can I get my obc certificate. Please sir kindly inform me.

  9. Jagannath Adhikary

    as my father death certificate is not found the authority refuse to submit my application form.how can i get it?

  10. Sudipto De

    I have to renew my obc certificate. My OBC certificate no is given as 45/BCW/Hug/BC/DNK

    Now the no is very confusing. I could not able to view certificate details in http://castcertificatewb.gov.in/jsp/search.jsp? providing all the other valid details.

    So what will be certificate no then?

  11. salim ali

    My application no. is OBCWB16022016/6395.Please sir kindly infom me what is my certificate status.

  12. Ashar jamil

    Actually i have successfully fill up the form…but whenever i download the Application form and open it up in that file nothing is showing…its just totally blank and i am not be able to apply again because its says you have already applied for this with my App:Id – OBCWB16012016/4893
    can you just help me out regards this problem….kindly contact me in my email i.e. iashar.jamil147@gmail.com

  13. Subhajit Barik

    please mention me adress of the DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT OFFICE IN KOLKATA

  14. Suman Masanta

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m Suman Masanta. I’m lost my OBC- B Card. So How to given my OBC CARD. PLS HELP ME. Mob: 9800021213.

  15. Sk rased ali

    Data very cleanly provided

  16. my obc application status showing approved and awaiting
    issuance.What is the meaning of it. So now what I have to do? can I get my obc certificate. Please sir kindly inform me. my application no-OBCWB08032016/3243 PLESE SIR HELP ME TRYING TO DEFENCE JOB

  17. Rimo miya

    My name is mimu mia , i am eligible for OBC or not??? Plz reply

  18. bhadra kumar pradhan

    hello sir,
    if I want to make my wife OBC certificate what will be the procedure but her cast doesn’t belong to my cast.what document should I enclose…

  19. Israr

    How can I apply new OBC certificate and what are the documents required

  20. Israr

    Sir my OBC certificate issued in 1995 but obc grade AorB not written on it what can I do.

  21. Rituparna Sen

    I Ami Rituparna sen. I belong to obc class..can u plz give me the of title list of obc? I am in group b moira caste..but our councillor is denying that..so I want the title list so that I can show him that..I am from west bengal.

  22. arif

    Please provide standard obc non creamy layer application form for wb govt jobs through wbssc

  23. Ram ratan Bhagat

    Sir in my family nobody has OBC caste certificate , i want to make certificate ,what is the process please tell me anyone.

  24. Asad khan

    My Status is showing approved waiting for issuance.Plz Reply.

  25. Asad khan

    My Status is showing approved waiting for issuance.What does it mean and what I have to do further.Thanx in advance.

  26. is there any possibility to apply for OBC certificate the second time ?

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