Know everything about OBC

Know about OBC Reservations in details:-

Download files from:

1. List of OBC (Recognised by WB & Recognosed by Govt of India)

Link –

2. List of OBC – Category wise

OBC-A – More backward – 66 communities (In which 59 Communities are Muslim)

OBC–B- Backward – 77 Communities (In which 27 Communities are Muslim)

OBC Muslim – 86 Communities

3. Revised Guidelines to obtain OBC Certificate (English & Bengali)

Link –

4. Monthly Report on Issuance of Caste Certificate SC/ST/OBC

Link –

(Application Received / Application Rejected / Certificate issued etc.)
5. Number of Caste Certificate Issued from 2005 to 2013


6. Year wise issuance of caste Certificate (2001 to 2013)

Link –

7. Online application for caste certificate –
8. Form of Application SC/ST/OBC –

9. For any Grievances –
10. OBC Reservation in Higher Education- Govt Circular / Act / Rules Link –


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