Digital Ration Card for West Bengal




February 10, 2017 · 10:36 am

13 responses to “Digital Ration Card for West Bengal

  1. I want to digital ration card

  2. Bijoy Dutta

    I have applied for new Digital Ration Card Memo No. 16-801742-17-145999

  3. Mita Ghatak

    Sir / Madam,
    i have received some numbers aginst submitting required documents for digital ration cards at City centre office, Durgapur – 16, but i have not yet recived any digial ration card yet. The following numbers are mentioned hereunder: a) 09-801674-17-042154, (b) 09-801674-17-040617, (c) 09-801674-17-040654.
    request you to please update the status against the above mentioned numbers.
    thanking youm
    Mita Ghatak

    It would be very kind of you, if you kindly updated the status in the following email-ID:

  4. Subalendra Panda

    what is present status of myself and family new digital ration card?

  5. Subalendra Panda

    1900248917005801 status

  6. Annapurna Halder

    digital rationcard old carddeposite no 09-801674-17-026503

  7. debabrata santra

    I have submitted a from for digital ration card at baidyabati ,Hooghly on 16.02.2017.I have also received the receipt copy of the same, but till now I did not receive any ration card from the said office. How can i get the digital ration card.

  8. Dilip Chatterjee

    Digital Ration Card No /Dilip Kumar Chatterjee

    • Dilip Chatterjee

      Dilip Kumar Chatterjee(M), Kabita Chatterjee(F), Poulomi Chatterjee(F) Recpt. No: 11-801705-17-047481 for Digital Ration Card., Pl send the New Digital No.

  9. Aminul Islam

    I want to know the AHL TIN numbers of my family members. Please help me to collect the numbers.


    I did bot get any DIGITAL RATION CARD of my family despite my two times of Application . The barcode number they put is : 15-801740-17-035894
    My Ward No. is 45. I’m to buy rations from the Ration Shop No.: FPS 3388 (SRC Rly. Emp. Co-op Stores Ltd, Buxarah Bazar, Santragachi)

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