Success Stories

Success Story 1:      A 62 year old, retired person applied for passport. Six months had already passed,his verification was done and he kept waiting for passport. He was frantically searching for some help and finally contacted an Right To Information (RTI) activist. He learned and pursued the process of RTI application regarding a straight query- How many days it requires to get a passport? Soon, his passport was delivered within 20 days of the RTI application.

Success Story 2: 20 pens were brought from a reputed book store for a seminar. These were distributed among the guest on the dais. Not a single pen was working. We demanded return of money with the production of original bill. Salesperson refused to listen to us, and showed us the warning on the bill “Goods once sold, can’t be taken back or exchanged”. We approached Consumer affairs dept with a simple application; appeal for refund of money and whether they can write the above warning. Ten days later, we received a phone call from the Floor Manager of that book store, requesting us to settle the matter. Full return of the money was made, transportation cost by taxi was paid, and a promise to delete that section from the bill from the next month. Voila! The Consumer Protection Act.



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